Voting Rights Action Alert

From the NH Democratic Party:

New Hampshire is ‘First in the Nation’ again…Unfortunately, its because our legislature has become the first state in the country to buy into Trump’s voter fraud claims and passed SB3, a bill aimed at rolling back voting rights.

New Hampshire thrives as a state because we value the voices of all our citizens. Senate Bill 3 has passed the House and Senate and is now heading to the Governor’s desk for his signature. 

It’s now up to Governor Sununu  to stand up to the outrageous lies about ​so called “voting fraud”​ by Trump that have been used to justify this voter suppression bill.

Will you sign our petition that we will deliver to the Governor telling him to veto SB3?

​If we want to stop this blatant power grab, we need everyone to speak out one more time.

Step up ​to defend voting rights today: Sign our petition!

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