Molly Kelly For Governor!

The primary election is over and Molly Kelly’s win has made her the Democrats’ candidate for Governor! Molly understands the struggles of hardworking families because she’s lived them. She was a single mother of three who worked her way through college and law school and eventually went on to become a State Senator in Keene. 

One of Molly’s priorities is to improve our education system, blocking bills like the school voucher legislation which would take funds from public schools. She wants to strengthen our public schools, and lower tuition for college students.

Molly sees that corporate profits are breaking records, but too many Granite Staters are being left behind by an agenda that puts special interests ahead of children and families. As Governor, she would fight to economic security for all, including:

  • Supporting paid family and medical leave that will allow everyone to be with their loved ones in times of need, such as new parents or when family members experience a medical crisis;
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour and index it to inflation so that families don’t continually get left behind;
  • Pass legislation requiring businesses to give adequate notice to employees on schedule changes so that families can plan for child care;
  • Help meet our state’s workforce needs by ensuring that companies recognize and value the contributions of older workers; and
  • Reinstate net neutrality on the state level to provide a free, open internet for everyone, including our small businesses. 

Molly has a plan for helping people suffering from substance misuse disorders to recover and rebuild their lives; to support the first responders fighting this epidemic daily, and to do more to help people avoid this illness in the first place. As governor, she will: 

  • Ensure long-term stable funding so that we can grow and sustain the network of providers we need to help people get treatment and recover resources.
  • Expand the number of primary care providers with incentives and training to integrate treatment into primary health care;
  • Advocate for expanding medication-assisted treatment, including advocating for the federal government to lift the cap on the number of patients that providers can treat with certain medications;
  • Continue to expand access to treatment, including medically assisted treatment, within the corrections system;
  • Provide greater support for recovery housing and ongoing recovery support – a critical tool for helping people get back on their feet and into the workplace; and
  • Provide support for children – and their caregivers – who have been impacted by the opioid crisis to help them avoid suffering from substance misuse disorders and other long-term effects.

Molly recognizes that climate change is a real threat to our state, and we cannot wait to act to reverse its harmful impacts. She knows we must protect the health of our people, our wildlife and our natural resources. We must ensure everyone can breathe clean air and drink clean water.   

Molly believes in creating a New Hampshire that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. You can learn more about Molly Kelly and her policy positions here:

Please join us in voting for Molly Kelly on November 6, 2018!



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