Megan Murray – Candidate for New Hampshire House of Representatives

Amherst has three open seats for District 22, and three Democrats who have filed to run for those seats. Today’s post will focus on Amherst Democrat Megan Murray:

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From Megan’s Website: “Amherst, N.H. is an amazingly unique and beautiful town -it is home to the five of us and unlike any of the other places we’ve ever lived! My three children attend grade school in town and we love that we have this town to hike in, enjoy concert series in, send our children to camps in and even (from time to time) see fun senior cruises set sail from Baboosic lake! The Library offers an astounding array of classes that span the ages and the children’s library rivals some of the larger towns I’ve visited libraries in! From the Lindabury Orchard festival to Halloween in the Village – fall is my most cherished season in town!

If elected, I will work hard to make sure that families who want to remain in Amherst can utilize all of the benefits our state does offer and will strive to get creative while still being mindful of budgetary spending. …

I, like you, want to see Amherst and New Hampshire focus on solutions that have longevity and sustainability!  I welcome your thoughts and am looking forward to cooperatively developing forward-thinking policy among my peers in Concord.   I also have a goal of working extremely hard at listening, not only to constituent voters, but ALSO to those whom I may not always agree with in political ideology when I arrive in Concord! In the end, we all need to be “team New Hampshire!”  The work in Concord will be tough, but I am committed to bringing integrity, ethics, and a common goal of seeing our state and town succeed through creativity, innovation, and yes even some compromise!”

See Megan’s website for her complete platform

Please join us in voting for Megan
this November!
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