Call to Action: SB 193 stealing money from public schools

(Excerpted from Mark Furnald letter to the Editor of Monadnock Ledger)

Take $63 million from the public schools and give it to people whose children do not go to public school. That, in a nutshell, is what Senate Bill 193 would do. The bill was approved by the Republican majority in the New Hampshire Senate recently, and now moves to the
Republicans want to promote “school choice.” The state provides $3,561.27 in funding for each student in grades 1-12 in a New Hampshire public school. SB193 would divert 90 percent of that amount, or $3,205.14, to parents of “eligible children” to be used to pay for home schooling expenses, for a charter school, or for any
private school.
Under SB193, for every child who is home schooled, or in a charter school, or moves to a private school, money is taken from the public school system.

This bill has passed the Senate and is in committee in the House. Please contact the committee members ( and express your concerns.

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