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It’s important to keep up the pressure against conservative attacks on civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection, healthcare, and the rest of the Trump agenda. However, we’ve made the phone calls to our legislators and Washington reps, we’ve signed on-line petitions, sent emails, and attended rallies, but the legislation and the executive orders keep coming. It’s only been a few weeks and we’re already feeling burned out. Some are even experiencing “outrage fatigue.” Can we really keep this up for two — four! — more years? read more

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Legislation Attacking Environmental Regulations

There are currently at least 21 bills being considered by Congress that are intended to weaken federal environmental regulations.  Among them are three that weaken the Endangered Species Act, three that attempt to deny the EPA the authority to regulate activities related to global warming, three that reduce the ability to regulate the use and discharge of pesticides, and one that would eliminate the EPA altogether. read more

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