It’s important to keep up the pressure against conservative attacks on civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection, healthcare, and the rest of the Trump agenda. However, we’ve made the phone calls to our legislators and Washington reps, we’ve signed on-line petitions, sent emails, and attended rallies, but the legislation and the executive orders keep coming. It’s only been a few weeks and we’re already feeling burned out. Some are even experiencing “outrage fatigue.” Can we really keep this up for two — four! — more years?

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ACLU Call to Action to Protect NH Women

The NH House Criminal Justice Committee will soon vote on SB 66 — fetal personhood. SB 66 would include a fetus in the definition of “another” for the purposes of first and second degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and causing or aiding suicide. SB 66 is unnecessary and inconsistent with current law. If passed SB 66 will have consequences that threaten the rights and health of women in our state.

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SB 3 is Voter Suppression – Take Action!

NH SB 3, a bill that will substantially increase restrictions on voting registration, has gained national attention from Priorities USA, who state the bill is simply ‘voter suppression’.

While there is no evidence to support claims of voter fraud in NH and elections see extremely low voter turnout, it cannot benefit democracy to increase voting restrictions. 

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Learning how Amherst functions!

Amherst Democrats hosted an Overview of Amherst Town Government on Wednesday, March 15th at SHS.  Town Administrator Jim O’Mara let us know there are close to 20 boards, committees and commissions involved in running the town, not counting the school districts.  Want to be more involved with our community?  Opportunities always exist, some requiring election or appointment, others just a phone call or email stating your willingness to help.  Terri Behm and Lisa Eastland shared the many ways in which they have volunteered and encouraged others to do the same. Where do your interests lie: finances, the environment, education, holiday celebrations?  There are opportunities in all categories.  Amherst does not work without volunteers!  Go to and check out the News tab for current openings. You’ll have fun, learn and make many new friends.

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Milford Democrats Potluck with Steve Marchand speaking

Please spread the word and then come join the Milford Democrats on March 29 for a potluck dinner with Steve Marchand as the featured speaker.  Steve has declared his candidacy for Governor in the 2018 election.  He will address current issues before the state government.

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