May 6 Potluck Supper with Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee, former governor of Rhode Island, spoke to a warm and enthusiastic throng of Amherst & Milford Democrats on May 6th. The event was covered by several news organizations, including WMUR.

Lincoln Chaffee addressing Amherst Democrats Potluck

Governor Chafee served as a US Senator from R.I. as a Republican from 1999 until 2007, when he was the only Republican senator to vote against authorizing the Iraq war.

In 2011 he left the Republican party and was elected Governor of Rhode Island as an Independent, the first independent to serve in that capacity since 1790.


In 2008 Lincoln Chafee registered as a Democrat and supported Barack Obama in his campaign for the Presidency.

Joe O'Neil, Graham Smith, and Lincoln Chaffee

Joe O’Neil, Graham Smith, and Lincoln Chaffee

He has formed an exploratory committee to evaluate whether he might run for President in 2016.

Nancy Iannuzzelli & Lincoln Chaffee

Nancy Iannuzzelli & Lincoln Chaffee

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Amherst Democrats’ Biennial Caucus

The Amherst Democrats met on Saturday, March 28 at the Amherst library for our biennial caucus. New Officers and members at large were elected to replace retiring board members as follows:

Retiring Members                                                     New Members

Shep Melnick                                                                      Erin Smart Stapleton

Ray Iannuzzelli                                                                  Faye O’Neil

A presentation reviewing our accomplishments over the past two years was also made by outgoing chairman, Graham Smith. Graham will remain on the board as a member at large. The new executive committee consists of:

Shannon Chandley – Chair

Julie Radhakrishnan – Vice Chair

Dick Danzinger – Treasurer

Mary Arrowsmith – Secretary

Penny Eggleston

Peggy Harris

Erin Stapleton

Faye O’Neil

Graham Smith

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Welcome to Amherst Democrats’ Website

The Amherst Democrats‘ wish you a healthy and happy 2015. Please check with us throughout the year for events of interest to Progressive thinkers in and around Amherst Nh.

Amherst Town Seal









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